A New Book

It was quite a long journey but “This Is It: revealing the great completion” is now finally published and available. You can read about it here.





Facet 1. One Thing Leads to Another 1
  Dependent origination. Introduction 3
  The Sutra Teaching Dependent Arising Basis and Progression 15
  The Mahayana Sutra on Dependent Arising 19
  The Heart of Dependent Origination, Verse and Commentary 21
  The Twelve Links of Dependent Origination 29
  The Wheel of Life 55
  The Twelve Links and the Cycle of Years 61
Facet 2. Increased Transparency 63
  Introduction 65
  Emptiness 71
  The Heart Sutra 79
Facet 3. Encountering the Other 97
  Introduction 99
  The Emanation of Sri Chakra Samvara and the Names of the Twenty-four Sites 103
Facet 4. Getting Lost Invites Trouble 127
  Introduction 129
  Prayers to Padmasambhava 139
  The Origin of Heruka’s Fierce Form and Ornaments 143
  Pride Takes a Fall, eventually 195
  My Way 202
  Pride and Prejudice 212
  Transformation 223
Facet 5. The Ego dissolves 229
  Introduction 231
  The Secret Biography of Machig Labdron 234
  Guru Yoga of Machig Labdron 253
  Cutting Free 264
  Chod Practice. The laughter of the Dakinis 277
  Becoming Chenrezi. Introduction 316
  Becoming Chenrezi. Practice 319
Facet 6. Just This 327
  Introduction 329
  The Cuckoo’s Cry Heralding the Good Fortune of Glorious Presence 334
  Gifting Merit 337



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