Sponsored Book Fund

Thanks to the generosity of a kind sponsor, a book fund is being set up to help whoever wants to buy books by James Low, in whatever language.  Some people find the price of the books to be unaffordable and sadly this stops them accessing the books.

The Fund has been created to give as many people as possible the opportunity to read, reflect and meditate on the teachings and practices in these books. The Fund will help as many people as we can who want to buy a book but cannot afford to.  The Fund will support as many people as possible  to buy a single copy of one, or any, or all of the books written by James Low, including the books that have been translated in languages other than English.

It will run for a trial period to see if it works well.

If you would like to make use of this Fund, or have any questions, please email  jameslowsbooks [at] pm [dot] me We will reply explaining how it works and what to do.

Please note that for the security of your personal and financial details PayPal will be used to reimburse you.

There is a permanent link to this information on the Books page.



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