Integration in Dzogchen. Freiburg, June 2009

11 Jun 2009
James Low

Public Talk

Integration is a central concept in dzogchen: Sleeping Beauty or Sleeping Buddha?

German translation by Robert Jarolawski
Videos of part of the retreat are here
The transcript is here

“It’s a bit like in the fairy tale of Sleeping Beauty. After she pricks her finger on her birthday, she falls into a deep sleep. Gradually the wild plants, the briars and brambles grow over her. But one day a young prince takes care of this beautiful woman. He enters the dark forest and sees this whole mass of sharp thorns. Drawing his sword he cuts his way through it. With one tender and gentle kiss he awakens the maiden. Many people see spiritual life in some way like that—that all beings are some kind of sleeping Buddha, wrapped around by different kinds of conditioning and karma, but drawing their holy sword of truth, some Guru will cut through and liberate them!”

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