On anxiety. Eifel Autumn Retreat, 2005

Excerpts on anxiety taken from teachings given at Kamalashila during the Autumn Retreat 2005,  in the Eifel. Transcribed by Jo Féat (2009), edited by Barbara Terris (2011) German transcript by Petra
 Niehaus (2012)Italian transcript by Rita Gastaldi (2011) Excerpts …Some time ago I was looking at a little video for children. It was about an elephant who wanted to fly. […]

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Anxiety and doubt [03]. Macclesfield, 2005

Macclesfield, 26th Feb 2005 James Low You can read the transcript here. This is discussed in terms of the traditional Nyingmapa understanding of the nature of anxiety, how it develops, and its underpinning structure.  Then how meditation is used to cut the root of that anxiety and to work with everyday moments of anxiety and confusion is examined. Various meditations are […]

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Focusing and distraction [02]. Macclesfield, 2004

Macclesfield, 17th and 18th July 2004 Talk by James Low Transcribed by Gordon Ellis Edited by Wendy Chozom and James Low Read or Download the English Transcript Read or Download the German Transcript Sammlung und Ablenkung / Zerstreuung Listen to to the audio recording Excerpts: It is important to stay relaxed and open with any experience. It’s as if you were […]

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Focussing and distraction [02]. Macclesfield, 2004

Macclesfield, 17 July 2004 James Low “If we do not have the capacity to choose whether to identify with arising thoughts or not we have little freedom. Like preoccupied puppets we are pulled by the strings of internal forces and external triggers which drive us into reactivity.  Practices such as following the flow of the breath help develop a clear attention, […]

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