Eifel Retreat Autumn 2006

The retreat held in Eifel on 19-22 October 2006 is available to be listened on our online player.  Press play on the tracks below to start listening. Extract: A key thing in dzogchen is to maintain the focus on being present and to understand what that means. When we do a practice like calming the mind, in which we meditate […]

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Eifel Retreat Autumn 2004

Taking obstacles as the path: including a commentary on The Natural way and the way of bewilderment. This four day retreat took place between 28th October and 31st October 2004 at the Kamalashila Institute in the Eifel, Germany. It focussed on two texts from the 2nd edition of “Simply Being”. Chapter 2: A Brief Explanation of Refuge and Bodhicitta Chapter […]

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