Being Right Here: A Dzogchen Treasure Text of Nuden Dorje Entitled the Mirror of Clear Meaning


being right here

Being Right Here provides a very clear authentic account of the view and essential meditation of dzogchen, the practice of non-dual experience. The presentation is in the Men Ngag style, a personal instruction distilling the author’s own realisation, revealing the lived experience of the terton Nuden Dorje Drophan Lingpa in a manner both beautiful and profoundly meaningful… It consists of short verses which, with pithy clarity, show how the various aspects of dzogchen fit together. The text provides both an authentic account of the practice and instruction in how to apply it.

Giving this commentary was the last time I taught in Rinpoche’s presence and rereading it brings back the facilitating warmth and spaciousness of his empowering and liberating display. The teacher is the site of integration; through the practice of the text the nature of life is revealed through integration with the living presence of the teacher. The teacher is of course not an entity, but a relational field.


English. Being Right Here: A Dzogchen Treasure Text of Nuden Dorje Entitled the Mirror of Clear Meaning. James Low. (Snow Lion Publications, 2014) ISBN 1559392088

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Polish Ą Być tu i teraz. Translated by Joanna Janiszewska-Rain, (Wydawnictwo A, 2005). Translation is out of print.  Download

Portuguese. Estando bem aqui. Translated by João Vale Neto. (Meditando Junto, 2021) ISBN 978-65-994112-0-5


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