Dzogchen teachings based on an Ayu Khandro Text. Todtmoos, 2012

Retreat at Todtmoos, Germany.  June 2012  English and German Translated by Robert Jarolawski James teaches referring to a short dzogchen text, “The Record of the Heart-felt Advice of the Dakini Indestructible Glorious Lamp” by Ayu Khandro, who is also known as Dorje Paldron. Track Listing ————- 1. Ayu Khandro’s Heart Essence of the Dakinis (01:49:51) 2. Ayu Khandro’s Heart Essence […]

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The Experience of self-liberation. Vienna, 2012

Vienna Public Talk. 7 June 2012 The Experience of Self-Liberation. “We will look at the nature of attachment, how we identify with transient experience as if it were something real and reliable. We will look at ways of releasing phenomena and resting in natural awareness.” English and German Translator: Sylvester Lohinger

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