The Heart Sutra. Emerson College, 2014

James Low Emerson College, East Sussex, UK. July 4-6th 2014 This annual camping retreat in  the grounds of Emerson College in East Sussex  is organised by Huw Wyn. James begins by saying that, “Tomorrow we will start looking at the Heart Sutra, one of the Buddha’s first teachings on emptiness or the natural openness of all phenomena, and then we will […]

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The Integrity of the Dharma, Todtmoos 2014

The Integrity of the Dharma Todtmoos, June 2014 English and German Translated by Robert Jarolawski “The Integrity of the Dharma”. Dharma is a means to recognise the non-dual integration of all experience. However Dharma itself can appear fragmented according to schools, levels of practice and so on. We will look at the link between impermanence, emptiness, the two truths, samsara […]

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The Mirror of clear meaning. Barcelona, 2014

“The Mirror of Clear Meaning” a dzogchen terma of Nuden Dorje. 21-22 March 2014 Translator  Daniel Peralta Languages English and Spanish Location  Barcelona, Spain Talk on the text “The Mirror of Clear Meaning” a dzogchen terma of Nuden Dorje.  The treasure text of Nuden Dorje renders a very clear and authentic account of the view and essential meditation of dzogchen the […]

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