Dzogchen – a beautiful and effective method. Gutenstein, 2015

Gutenstein Retreat (Austria). 29-31 May 2015 German and English Translator: Sylvester Lohinger Topic: The dzogchen view and practice is a beautiful and effective method to free ourselves and others from anxiety, alienation and confusion. Friday was a day of meditation and teaching hence some periods of silence in the recordings. Saturday and Sunday focus on the inseparability of primordial purity [kadag] and effortless […]

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The Song of the Cuckoo. Gutenstein (Austria) 2012

The world as the creative expression of emptiness 6-10 June 2012 Teaching retreat organised by Sylvester and Li Lohninger at Maitreya Institute. James Low taught on a short text by Vairocana called “The Song of the Cuckoo” [The Cuckoo’s cry heralding the good fortune of glorious presence]. The infinite diversity of experiences and their actual nature are non-dual. Yet the […]

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Beauty and presence. Gutenstein, Austria 2002

James Low Teaching retreat entitled “Beauty and presence”. Gutenstein, Austria. 21-23 Sept 2002 James speaks about the view, meditation and practice of dzogchen. “The path of dzogchen in many ways is very simple because it is not a path that is trying to go anywhere. Primarily it is concerned with not complicating situations.” He also speaks about butterlamp offerings. German […]

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