Finding refuge and spreading light. [22]. Macclesfield, 2023

7-28 Jan 2023 UK Macclesfield, Townley Hall James Low Finding refuge and spreading light: Finding enduring refuge in the intrinsic purity of our own mind. Macclesfield Talks 22 On Youtube. Organised by Ann Buxton and Sue Scott. Filmed by Chris Coppock. Video and audio prepared by Pedro Gomes. Download the audio files here

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Retreat: Our Self-Liberating Mind, 04-06. November 2022 Oxford UK

4-6 Nov 2022, UK (Oxford, Lady Margaret Hall College) Organised by Gio Maschio Recorded by Gareth Williams Our Self-Liberating Mind As people in a complex world, we often struggle to free ourselves from habits, situations, beliefs, organisations and so on. As subjects, we are entangled in a world of objects that both support and constrain us. From the point of […]

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Summer Retreat: Finding the source of infinite love. Sussex, 2022

Finding the source of infinite love. James Low Chiddinglye Estate, West Hoathly East Grinstead, Sussex, UK 28-31 July 2022 The publicity for the retreat said that: “… we will practise seeing the illusory nature of the limiting concepts which situate us in partiality. In this way we will open ourselves to the infinite expanse of inclusive awareness and thereby free […]

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