Purification in hinayana, mahayana, tantra and dzogchen. Eifel retreat, Oct 1997

At the end there are 18 attachments with instructions on how to do 10+ practices taught on the retreat. James Low Download the Pdf Eifel, Germany. Autumn Retreat, 10-14 October 1997. Edited by Robert Jarolawski Editor’s remarks James Low has been asked to publish some of his talks for quite a time. Coincidentally, serving as his translator during several workshops […]

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Aspects of Nyima Özer. London, 1995

Talk by James Low London, 22 April 1995 Transcribed by Ruth Rickard and edited by Barbara Terris ExcerptThe key thing that I want to emphasise today is that this story of Nyima Özer is about the nature of service and of being a servant. The bodhisattvas are our servants and from that point of view, their service is holy. It […]

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Finding oneself in the mandala. Article. 1990

A Paper presented by James Low at The Champernowne Trust Annual Summer Course: “Living the Symbolic Life”, Cumberland Lodge 1990. It includes a Tibetan Buddhist account of the origin of the first mandala of the wrathful forms of the Buddha. The story of Matram Rudra. Read as PDF Excerpt: ‘Mandala” is a term that Jung has done much to popularise […]

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