Ground, path and result. 2017

Ground, path and result Read this short piece of writing in English In German Ground The basis of all experience is ungraspable simplicity free of artifice: uncompounded, uncreated; spontaneous, self-arisen; infinite; inconceivable; inexpressible presence eluding capture by concept, categories, definitions. This, the ground of your presence, is other than anything you know yet not something apart. The open ground has […]

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Indicators, 2017

Indicators Read this short piece of writing by James Low, 2017 In English In German The source I arise from is pure, open, unartificial, simple. Ignoring this, I imagine that I am self-existing and become intoxicated by the creativity of my own ceaselessly manifesting delusions. These delusions and false beliefs seem to be valid, and to constitute the totality of […]

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