Intrinsic freedom, 2017

Open the PDF of Intrinsic freedom. “Doing less we find that we are infinite. Doing more, struggling and yearning, we generate more limitations. Our freedom, our unchanging freedom, is the freedom of the ground we have never left.”

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Space is the greatest friend we have. Germany, 2017

Space is the greatest friend we have: working and living together in an organisation. A talk given by James Low to the staff in a Buddhist organisation. Germany, 25 October 2017 Transcribed by Tobias Roeder …If someone is a nurse or a social worker or an administrative staff or a manager, whatever their role is, it is like a role […]

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Funken, 2016

”Sparks” [Funken] is a selection of poems and short writings by James Low on various dharma topics. They can be read in any order. The first 29 have been translated by Kate Egetmeyer into German under the helpful guidance of Lea Pabst.  Download or read a PDF of Sparks (Funken) in German Download or read a PDF of Sparks (Funken) in English

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