Learning to swim in the ever-changing ocean of experience, 2014

James Low, 7 August 2014 Written for CAT [Cognitive Analytic Therapy] Trainees. Download PDF  For change to be fundamental it has to address the foundation, the ground, the basis, the source.  For it to be radical it has to identify the radix, the root.  Only when the root of experience is firmly planted in the ground of spacious presence can healthy […]

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Finding your way home: an introduction to dzogchen. Retreat, Spain, 2010

James Low Amorebieta, Spain.  18-20 June, 2010Transcribed by Deniz CsernoklavekEdited by James Low and Barbara Terris Excerpts  …In Tibet it was said that dzogchen existed before buddhism arrived. It was there before the bön religion too. That is to say, it is not an invented system, but it is something that was, is, and always will be, and that people […]

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I am a non‐entity. Text written 2012

James Low wrote this in 2012 I am a non-entity English I am a non-entity French I am a non-entity German I am a non-entity Spanish The basic ground of my presence is undefinable, never constrained, restricted or contaminated. I am open, ungraspable, naked, ever fresh – the always already integrated empty presence. Without change or effort this state is […]

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