Calm and clear. Freiburg, 2006.

When things are calm it is easy to disturb them. When things are clear it is easy to dirty them, to make them lose their clarity. On an ordinary level calmness and clarity are very vulnerable states. This is because of the very nature of our existence. From a traditional buddhist point of view the functioning basis of our existence, of how we operate as human beings, is to be caught up in an experience of duality: looking inside we experience ‘ourselves’, and looking outside we experience ‘things’ which are other. But of course, it is not quite as simple as that.

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Dire dell’indicibile: cosa è lo dzogchen? Intervista, 2006

Un’intervista a James Low di Guido Ferrari, Todtmoos, Germania, Giugno 2006. Traduzione dall’inglese di Guido Ferrari Download as PDF [embedyt][/embedyt] Estratti … La visione dello Dzogchen significa riconoscere che la base di tutti i pensieri, le emozioni, le sensazioni, le azioni è uno stato di aperto rilassamento, uno stato di presenza, cioè l’essere completamente qui, totalmente vivo, una consapevolezza chiara che non è […]

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Patrul Rinpoche texts

Gathered together here are what James Low has taught on Patrul Rinpoche, specifically on his text on ‘The Two Truths’. Here is the text in Tibetan (provided by CR Lama with an additional line from the current Patrul Rinpoche),  together with an English translation. These chapters below are from Simply being: texts in the dzogchen tradition (James Low, Antony Rowe […]

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