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Let the mind play. Zoom, Jan 2021

Let the mind play: the mind likes to play in the form of appearances, concepts, feelings and so on as they arise and pass as ungraspable display. Our awareness is open to this but your dualistic consciousness starts to make everything seem serious and real. Then our troubles begin... Niech umysł się bawi: Umysł lubi bawić się formami zjawisk, koncepcji, [...]

Lama Chetsangpa: On the Mind as It is [2 of 3] • Zoom, Jan 2021

James Low will give a commentary on Lama Chetsangpa’s presentation of the mind as it is. 27th February 2021 10-5 28th February 2021 10-1 The text will be made available in English, Portuguese, Spanish and German. Consecutive translations will be available on these same languages. Registration is mandatory and is made using your name and email address on this link. [...]

Keep identity loose • Zoom, March 2021

Keep identity loose: our knowable identities can hide our unknowable true essence. We cannot function in this world without a range of recognisable identities but it is crucial not to be trapped within them. Our open ground offers ceaseless moments of relational identity - we just need to stay loose and easy. Swoboda w tożsamości Nasze poznawalne tożsamości mogą kryć za sobą naszą niepojętą wiedzą, [...]