Since March 2020 (COVID-19) discussions groups are meeting on Zoom


The idea is to gather online to discuss and practise based on the texts and teachings by James Low. If you would like to join any of the groups, or know more, or even set up a new group then send an E-Mail to Milton Petruczok at simplybeingsangha[at] In the Subject field enter the name of the group you are interested in joining: “English / Portuguese / Spanish or German group”.For the Polish group (Microsoft Teams) please send an E-Mail to Jacek Jarentowski


  • German language group, facilitated by Jayachitta on alternate Tuesdays, from 19h to 20h30 CET, reading short texts from the book Sparks (Funken)
  • Spanish language group, facilitated by Juan B. García Lázaro on alternate Mondays, from 20h to 21h20 CET
  • English language group, facilitated by Francesca Fazzio, Lemny Perez and Huston Ochoa, every Monday, starting at 14h US Eastern Time / 20h Central European Time
  • Polish language Group, facilitated by Jacek Jarentowski on Thursdays
  • Portuguese language group, facilitated by Milton Petruczok, every Monday      starting at 19h Brasília Local Time

Jayachitta is based in Berlin, Germany, but teaches abroad as well.

Earth Healing Group

Earth healing pots being prepared for 2nd firing.

Various people concerned about climate change and the environment came together during the October 2019 retreat in Germany, in the Eifel. Ideas and projects are bubbling up, one amongst them formed as Earth Healing Group. The group engages in preparing, empowering and planting earth healing vases filled with mantras and other precious materials. Other earth healing practises – earth mandalas, mani stone carving etc. – are adding to that. If you would like to know more and be part of this, wherever you are in our fragile planet, please send an email.





Facebook in Hungarian Facebook site managed by Németh Tamás.


Drophan Ling Centre set up by the Buddhist Association Khordong, Darnków

A Facebook presence,Natura Umysłu, at FB #Naturaumyslu and an email address


Facebook site managed by Mustafa mert Çelebi.