Lotus Source: becoming Lotus Born

This book focuses on Padmasambhava, the Lotus Born Guru, known in Tibet as Guru Rinpoche.  He awakens us to our own lotus source.

All Buddhist practice is concerned with awakening from the illusions which bind us. The lotus represents both this awakening and also the intrinsic purity which is the source of both awakened Buddhas and deluded sentient beings. Forgetfulness of our lotus source has given rise to our experience of being someone real somewhere in a real world.

The wide range of prayers and practices translated and explained in this book provide guidance on how to live in a clear and ethical way. These practices ease the process of dying and guide us to Padmasambhava in his pure realm of Lotus Light, also known as Zangdopalri, the Copper Coloured Mountain.

Texts translated by C. R. Lama and James Low

27    Prayer to Buddha Shakyamuni                                             

28    Offering Salutation and Praise                                              

34    Aspiration of the Vajra Knot                                     

40    The Prayer of Aspiration which Is a Wish-Fulfilling Jewel   

63    The Sutra of the Story of the Lamp of King Golden Hand

83    The Aspiration for Pure Discernment

107  If You Wish to Purify Your Sins and Obscurations              

113  The Prayer Which Effortlessly Fulfils Our Wishes   

134  The Prayer Which Removes Obstacles from the Path

166  The Prayer Which Quickly Fulfils Our Wishes

172  The Prayer of the Stainless Biography

197  Pure White Lotus: The Life of the Lotus Born from Oddiyana

223  A Prayer to Padmasambhava by the Fifth Dalai Lama

236  Imploring Padmasambhava  

244  The Precious Guru from Oddiyana  

259  Lotus Source Practice

293  Aspiration for Zangdopalri   

315  A Description of Zangdopalri

337  In One’s Own Hand: The Profound Instructions for Using Death as the Path