Lama Chetsangpa teachings all now on Youtube

James Low gave 4  Zoom teachings on the text “The Expansive Oral Instructions of the Precious Dharma Master Chetsangpa Ratna Sri Buddhi”.  

Intriguingly very little is known about Chetsangpa Ratna Sri Buddhi, however these teachings, copied down by his students, are direct, relevant and moving.

The dates of the Zooms were 23/1/2021, 27/2/2021, 13/3/21 and 17/4/2021.

Youtube videos

English with no translation

Portuguese translation with English

German translation with English

Spanish translation with English

Accompanying texts

Texts were newly prepared for each of the 4 talks and you can access them here in English, German, (Hungarian), Portuguese,  Spanish and Turkish.

An earlier translation of the Chetsanga text also can be found as Chapter 1 in the book “Simply Being”.


The videos and texts are prepared for us thanks to the collaboration of João Vale Neto, Juan B. García Lázara, Milton Petruczok, Mustafa mert Çelebi, Németh Tamás, Pedro Gomez and Robert Jarolawski.

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