Q&A Zoom from 20 Jan 2021 is ready

20 January 2021. James Low had invited questions from people watching his Zooms and he received about 50 which is working through. 

0:00 With Vajrasattva purification, is it better to focus on one error or negative tendency at a time, or group them all together?

4:51 Is purification in the dzogchen tradition? What are the practices associated with it?

9:41 Is the stability of the object the movement of the mind?

12:53 Namkhai Norbu Rinpoche said dzogchen difference from advaita sense that all is consciousness

20:41 How to be with the one who is experiencing?

27:11 How does one stay with the mind in which all phenomena arise? 34:38 How can nothing be better than something?

37:39 What to do if insight reduces one’s fluctuating interest in people, that they are not so exciting or even a bit grey?

German: https://youtu.be/_PcXsEovADc

Spanish: https://youtu.be/Bzzm1OHvXJM

Portuguese: [soon

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