Focussing and distraction [02], 2004

Macclesfield, 17 July 2004 James Low “If we do not have the capacity to choose whether to identify with arising thoughts or not we have little freedom. Like preoccupied puppets we are pulled by the strings of internal forces and external triggers which drive us into reactivity.  Practices such as following the flow of the breath help develop a clear attention, […]

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Finding freedom at the bus stop. Macclesfield, 2003

Macclesfield, November 2003 Talk by James Low Download PDF Transcribed by Gordon Ellis and Sarah Allen Edited by Wendy Chozom Excerpt …There is no rule-book to tell us how to live; we are all flying by the seat of our pants. In this situation it’s best to keep our eyes open, our ears open and our heart open… …Buddhism is saying something […]

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Beauty and presence. Gutenstein, Austria 2002

James Low Teaching retreat entitled “Beauty and presence”. Gutenstein, Austria. 21-23 Sept 2002 James speaks about the view, meditation and practice of dzogchen. “The path of dzogchen in many ways is very simple because it is not a path that is trying to go anywhere. Primarily it is concerned with not complicating situations.” He also speaks about butterlamp offerings. German […]

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