Joining in tasks

Thanks to all the people who have helped in so many ways, preparing texts, organising retreats, making and providing recordings, transcribing, translating, creating and managing the website,  and so on. This website functions only because of the participation of all these many people. Currently there are some tasks that we would welcome help with, such as:

  • working on audio and video recordings to improve the quality etc.
  • helping to publicise the resources on this website, for example through social media.

Feedback and contact

Your feedback on the website and your suggestions are appreciated. Here’s how to make contact: If you would like to get involved please contact Barbara or Chris.

  1. Technical issues, such as lost links should be raised directly with the Webmaster.
  2. Offers to help, to transcribe, to translate or make comments about the content of the website go through Barbara Terris.She is the hub of this website and all material content needs to go through her.
  3. To contact James directly go through the Contact Form on the website.

Joining in discussion groups

Since March 2020 (COVID-19) discussions groups are meeting on Zoom

If you would like to join a group, or know more, or even set up a new group then email Milton Petruczok. In the Subject field enter whatever group you want to join. “English/Portuguese/Spanish/or German group”.

  • German language group,
    • facilitated by Jayachitta on alternate Tuesdays
  • Spanish language group, 
    • facilitated by Juan B. García Lázaro on Mondays
  • English language group,
    • facilitated by Milton Petruczok on Wednesdays
  • English language group
    • Starting Wednesday 14th Oct. 2020 from 20h21h30 CET (Central Europe Time) facilitated by Francesca Fazzio and Milton Petruczok.  Looking at the transcript Calm and Clear, a talk James gave at Darnków in 2011.
  • English language group
    • Starting Monday 19th Oct. 2020 ( from 17h30 19h EST (US Eastern Time), facilitated by Lemny Perez and Huston Ochoa. Looking at the transcript of The Dzogchen View in Tibetan Buddhism, a talk by James at Watkins Books in London on 2018.
  • Portuguese language groups. There are two.
    • Mondays, at 19:00 (Brasília local time) facilitated by Milton Petruczok
    • Sundays, at 17:00 (same time zone) facilitated by João Vale Neto

Avoiding duplication of effort

Sometimes people are inspired to transcribe or translate something that that they see or hear on the website. However it could be that another person has already done it or is working on it. So before you start please ask me and I can let you know if anyone else has started to work on it. That way you won’t be duplicating effort. I can also give you our formatting guidelines. On the other hand, if you just enjoy doing it for its own sake, then that is fine too. Barbara

Working for Dharma

James wrote this in May 2020 in the hope that it may interest and help all of us who are working on various dharma projects.