Ground, path and result in dzogchen. Evening Zoom talk. Oct, 2020

Ground, path and result in dzogchen
James Low

Zoom talk hosted by Tibethaus, Frankfurt

Evening of 8th October, 2020

The talk was based on the text, “Evocation of Samantabhadra”

“In dzogchen, we are primarily concerned with simplicity and clarity versus the power of deluded imagination. We usually translate  deluded imagination as ignorance. Ignorance has two aspects: 1) not being attentive to how it is, and 2) imagining that it is other than what it is. So ignorance is simultaneously both a turning away and a turning towards.

I will now try to make this clear.


Read and download the transcription of the talk here.

Transcribed by Divya Gupta and edited by Barbara Terris.

This talk was followed by a further day of teaching on the same topic.

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