Ngöndro 3. Frankfurt, 1994

James Low 29-30 October 1994 Frankfurt, Germany Download Ngöndro 3. Frankfurt, 1994 Excerpts Ordinarily, in everything that we do in the world — when we are successful, when we are unsuccessful, when we are happy, when we are sad — every experience, every action that we do, is an affirmation of the reality which is the fantasy arising from ignorance. […]

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Creativity and meditation. Tuscany, 1994

James Low Creativity and meditation Tuscany, Italy One Week Summer Camp, August 1994   Download and Read the transcript: in English in German in Italian Excerpts That is why the start of the meditation—the clear blue sky—is a new beginning for everything. And the middle is a further dispersal of the old, the solid, the enduring. The end of the […]

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Meditation in everyday life. Frankfurt, 1994

Buddhist Ethics and its Relation to Wisdom and Compassion JAMES LOW Frankfurt, Germany 12 – 14 February, 1994 Edited by Barbara Terris Download Pdf Excerpts The Buddha’s teachings are radical, disturbing—they turn our world upside-down and shift the basis of who we think we are. Everything that we know, everything that we’re connected with, is still here, but we start […]

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