Depth and light. Berlin, Jan 2016

James Low Teaching Retreat, Berlin, 30-31 Jan 2016 Depth and light: dzogchen thogal is the revelation of the energy of the unborn space of the mind. First the focus is on the depth of space, the ground and field of our being. When this becomes clear then the nature of appearance becomes obvious. Organised by Olaf Brockmann Transcribed by John Imes […]

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Psicoterapia y Dzogchen. Barcelona, 2016

James Low Psicoterapia y Dzogchen 4-6 November 2016 Kundusling, Barcelona. Read or Download the Transcript in Spanish.  Traducción: María Lleó Castells.  Transcripción: Esther Aragón Gatell The topic for the weekend was: “Space is a central aspect of Dzogchen Buddhist practice and it is also important in psychotherapy. The space between people can be experienced as linking or dividing. The space […]

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Depth and light. Berlin 2016

James Low Teaching retreat: 29th Sept – 3rd Oct 2016 Depth and light:  awaken to the infinite radiance of the empty mind. James teaches with reference to Chapter 5 of Simply Being, ‘The Expansive Oral Instructions of the Precious Dharma Master, Chetsangpa Ratna Sri Buddhi’. Download the transcript. Watch the video with German translation

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The Wonder of being. Berlin, 2016

Public Talk, Berlin 29 Jan 2016 Being, Space and Time, the dzogchen view of the wonder of being. This view and simple practice frees us from the delusion of being a finite, vulnerable thing. Transcribed by John Imes Edited by Barbara Terris Read or Download the Transcript Excerpt …I remember climbing trees. I remember running up hills in Scotland. These […]

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The Mirror of luminous revelation, Aracena, 2016

This text comes from Nuden Dorje, the first incarnation of my own teacher, C R Lama. We believe that Nuden Dorje was himself an incarnation of one of the close disciples of Padmasambhava, and that Padmasambhava came directly from the pure heart of Amitabha.
Buddhist texts often include a history of how the text arose, from whom, where and when. To say that a text came directly from Padmasambhava or from the mind of another great teacher, what does this mean? Why should we trust it? Who should we trust? You come here and I am telling you a lot of things. Why should you trust me? If you trust there is a chance you will be cheated, but if you don’t trust it’s difficult to proceed.

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