Where does it all come from? Austria, 2018 Retreat

James Low Maitreya Institute, Gutenstein, Austria 7-9 Sept 2018 Dzogchen retreat: Where does it all come from? The dzogchen view of the origins of our many patterns of being lost. We will use the text of ” The Aspiration Prayer of Kuntuzangpo” (known in Tibetan as the Kunzang Monlam) to see how the mirage-like illusion emerged, and with it our […]

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The Union of wisdom and compassion. Vienna, 2015

May 28th 2015 Vienna Public Talk. Speech starts at 0:01:10 and ends at 1:37:00 German and English Translator: Sylvester Lohinger TITLE: The union of wisdom and compassion. Effortless non duality appears when dualistic effort subsides. Dzogchen illuminates the givenness of non-duality by supporting us in finding ease and relaxation whatever occurs. James starts by saying “”We have a little time […]

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Healing and the five elements. Vienna, 2013

Healing and the five elements: an introduction to dzogchen in daily life Public Talk in Vienna Stadtraum on 9th May 2013 Audio edited by Sarah Allen. English and German Translator: Sylvester Lohinger Download the Transcript Play Download here

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