Meditation practices and developing clarity. Gutenstein Retreat, 2009

The retreat was organized around meditation explanations and instructions together with their background view, followed by periods of practice and questions. The focus was on experiencing kadag, the primordial purity of the mind. James Low Gutenstein Retreat, Austria 15-17 May 2009 Download the Pdf Transcribed by Jo Féat Edited by Barbara Terris  Extract Question: How do I know when to […]

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The Song of the Cuckoo. Gutenstein (Austria) 2012

The world as the creative expression of emptiness 6-10 June 2012 Teaching retreat organised by Sylvester and Li Lohninger at Maitreya Institute. James Low taught on a short text by Vairocana called “The Song of the Cuckoo” [The Cuckoo’s cry heralding the good fortune of glorious presence]. The infinite diversity of experiences and their actual nature are non-dual. Yet the […]

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The Experience of self-liberation. Vienna, 2012

Vienna Public Talk. 7 June 2012 The Experience of Self-Liberation. “We will look at the nature of attachment, how we identify with transient experience as if it were something real and reliable. We will look at ways of releasing phenomena and resting in natural awareness.” English and German Translator: Sylvester Lohinger

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