Easy Does It

Easy Does It: Buddhist teachings on letting go of anxiety and attachment  James Low (Simply Being, UK, Jul 2023) Kindle Paperback ISBN: 978-1739457204 Kindle Hardback ISBN:  978-1739457228 Kindle ebook ASIN: B0CDDGSNQY The ten teachings in this book provide a buddhist account of the formation of attachment and anxiety and show how we can release ourselves from involvement in their deluding intensity. By […]

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Meditation and psychotherapy. Public Talk. Lisbon, 2020

James Low. Public Talk, 14 Jan 2020. Instituto Macrobiótico de Portugal, Lisbon, Portugal. Meditation and psychotherapy. In order to be open and available in the clinical setting, we need to be able to drop our pre-occupations and pattern formations. Being present with and for the other, without an imposed agenda, is perhaps our greatest gift. English and Brazilian Portuguese Translator: […]

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Meditation im Alltag. Teneriffa 2015

James Low Teneriffa, 22-24 Marz 2015 Retreat: Meditation integrieren mit all den Aktivitäten, denen wir uns widmen. Meditation befördert eine ruhige Klarheit, die uns ermöglicht, die Fülle der Welt zu schätzen, in der wir leben. Wir untersuchen den dzogchen-buddhistischen Blick auf das Leben und praktizieren gemeinsam Meditationen. Transcription Lea Pabst Revision Barbara Terris Translation into German A. Bihler Auszug … […]

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