Staying open in a shut down world. Zoom, May 2020

James Low. Zoom teaching in the time of COVID-19. 22nd May 2020 Transcribed by Lea Pabst.  Download the English transcript. We have some time to look at the question of how we can use the time of this lockdown in a useful way. Generally speaking, Buddhist paths, which are many, many in number, can be organised according to whether they […]

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Emptiness, equanimity and kindness. Zoom, April 2020

Talk by James Low, “Emptiness, Equanimity and Kindness” April 2020. When many people are suffering our hearts go out to them and we wish them well. This quality of kindness is vital to extend our connectivity beyond the people of our personal concern. However from the buddhist point of view the power of kindness is greatly increased by merging it with the wisdom of emptiness.

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Calm and clear. Public Talk. Freiburg, 2006.

When things are calm it is easy to disturb them. When things are clear it is easy to dirty them, to make them lose their clarity. On an ordinary level calmness and clarity are very vulnerable states. This is because of the very nature of our existence. From a traditional buddhist point of view the functioning basis of our existence, of how we operate as human beings, is to be caught up in an experience of duality: looking inside we experience ‘ourselves’, and looking outside we experience ‘things’ which are other. But of course, it is not quite as simple as that.

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