The radiance of emptiness. Public talk, Cologne, 2018

James Low The radiance of emptiness: The mystery of nonduality, or, How everything comes out of nothing and yet there is always more than nothing available. 18th Apr 2018 Cologne, Germany English and German “So, tonight we are going to have an impossible task. Why is this an impossible task? Because we are going to look at emptiness, which is […]

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Cutting free without losing anything. Berlin, 2011

James Low TEACHING RETREAT, BERLIN, 7-8 May 2011 Transcribed by Jo Féat Edited by Barbara Terris The transcript can be read here in English An extract about Chöd, revised by James Low, can be read in English in German   The audio can be listened to here in German and English Excerpt The  more we do this practice, the more we become aware […]

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Why emptiness is liberating. London, 2016

James Low,  teaching in London on 25 February 2016 at the invitation of Shang Shung Institute. “Awakening to the fact of there being nothing frees us from the endless quest for something. Our problem is the seeming ‘thing-ness’ of things, our sense that we exist as some-‘thing’ in a world of many different ‘things’. The reification which imputes a real […]

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