Finding freedom at the bus stop. Macclesfield, 2003

Macclesfield, November 2003 Talk by James Low Download PDF Transcribed by Gordon Ellis and Sarah Allen Edited by Wendy Chozom Excerpt …There is no rule-book to tell us how to live; we are all flying by the seat of our pants. In this situation it’s best to keep our eyes open, our ears open and our heart open… …Buddhism is saying something […]

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Aspects of Nyima Özer. London, 1995

Talk by James Low London, 22 April 1995 Transcribed by Ruth Rickard and edited by Barbara Terris ExcerptThe key thing that I want to emphasise today is that this story of Nyima Özer is about the nature of service and of being a servant. The bodhisattvas are our servants and from that point of view, their service is holy. It […]

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Finding oneself in the mandala. Article. 1990

Includes a Tibetan Buddhist account of the origin of the first mandala of the wrathful forms of the Buddha. The story of Matram Rudra. A Paper presented by James Low at The Champernowne Trust Annual Summer Course: “Living the Symbolic Life”, Cumberland Lodge 1990. Download as PDF Excerpt ‘Mandala” is a term that Jung has done much to popularise in the West. However his […]

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