Finding your way home: an introduction to dzogchen. Retreat, Spain, 2010

James Low Amorebieta, Spain.  18-20 June, 2010Transcribed by Deniz CsernoklavekEdited by James Low and Barbara Terris Excerpts  …In Tibet it was said that dzogchen existed before buddhism arrived. It was there before the bön religion too. That is to say, it is not an invented system, but it is something that was, is, and always will be, and that people […]

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The Concept of self in eastern thought and humanist psychology. Essay, 1984

James Low Written in 1984 and submitted as a  dissertation for The School of Independent Studies, North East London Polytechnic, 1985. Download the essay Extract The task of understanding a different culture involves a delicate balance between giving empathetic attention to all the details and significances of the cultural forms and attitudes as they function in that society and at […]

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Easy does it. Todtmoos, 2009 and 2010

These are teachings given in Freiburg and Todtmoos during  12-14 June 2009 and 11-12 June 2010. James explains and comments on Patrul Rinpoche Brief and an Extended Commentaries on Garab Dorje’s “Three Essential Points”, translated later as “Three Statements that Hit the Key Points” and often by others as “Hitting the essence in three words”. This text was prepared by […]

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