Garab Dorje’s Three Points. Eifel, 2005

James Low Transcribed by Jo Féat. Edited by Barbara Terris Translated by James as: Direct introduction on one’s real nature is the first essential point.To decide clearly on this one thing is the second essential point.Remaining with the confidence of liberation is the third essential point. And later as: Direct awakening to how it is.Doubt-free clarity that this is how […]

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Patrul Rinpoche texts

Gathered together here are what James Low has taught on Patrul Rinpoche, specifically on his text on ‘The Two Truths’. Here is the text in Tibetan (provided by CR Lama with an additional line from the current Patrul Rinpoche),  together with an English translation. These chapters below are from Simply being: texts in the dzogchen tradition (James Low, Antony Rowe […]

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