Purification in hinayana, mahayana, tantra and dzogchen. Eifel retreat, Oct 1997

At the end there are 18 attachments with instructions on how to do 10+ practices taught on the retreat. James Low Download the Pdf Eifel, Germany. Autumn Retreat, 10-14 October 1997. Edited by Robert Jarolawski Editor’s remarks James Low has been asked to publish some of his talks for quite a time. Coincidentally, serving as his translator during several workshops […]

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Buddismo e psicoterapia. Berlino, 1993. Estratti

Estratti dal Buddismo e Psicoterapia scritti da James Low durante un seminario a Berlino nel giugno del 1993. La versione integrale in inglese e’disponibile sul suo sito web di www.simplybeing.co.uk This translation into Italian was organised by Nanni Deambrogio of the Mindfulness Project, in association with Istituto Lama Tzong Khapa. Download Pdf Contents Stili di terapia Rinforzando l’ego minando l’ego […]

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Buddhismus und Psychotherapie: eine Frage der Aufmerksamkeit. Berlin, 1998

Wochenendseminar, Berlin, 7-8 November 1998 James Low Übersetzt von Stephan Schneider Als PDF downloaden Unser Thema ist „Buddhismus und Psychotherapie“. Mit einem besonderen Bezug zu der zentralen Frage: „Was verstehen wir unter Leiden und den Gründen, warum Menschen leiden?“ Der Fokus liegt dabei in erster Linie auf dem Buddhismus. Zum einen,  was hat der Buddhismus für die Praxis der Psychotherapie […]

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