Teachings on a text by Gonpo Wangyal. Tallinn, 2017

A teaching retreat based on Gonpo Wangyal’s brief dzogchen text Introduction to the Nature of the Mother of all the Buddhas. James Low Tallinn, Estonia 03 – 04 Nov 2017 Audio Estonian translation by Kadri Raudsepp. The Tibetan text translated into various languages, including Estonian, can be seen here. The audio and video of the public talk in Tallinn on […]

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The Mother of all the Buddhas. Warsaw, May 2011

Commentary to Gonpo Wangyal’s “Introduction To The Nature Of The Mother Of All The Buddhas” Warsaw, 13 -14 May 2011 English with Polish translation The Polish translation of the Gonpo Wangyal text was given to participant. The audio-recording was prepared by Robbie Terris. Gonpo Wangyal was the 11th lama in the Khordong lineage of CR Lama. Download here

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The sun of ungraspable awareness. Barcelona, Nov. 2017

James Low The Sun of Ungraspable Awareness Illuminates the Infinite Space of the Mind. On this teaching retreat James will give an explanation and commentary on a short dzogchen text by Gonpo Wangyal that he has translated. You can read and download the Spanish version here. To register, booking is necessary and the advance payment is 40 euros. Fees: 90 euros. […]

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