Einfach so…

Einfach so… Mahamudra Doha Lieder. (Khampa Verlag, Freiburg and Eckernförde, 2022. ISBN: 978-3-9805251-7-6) Robert Jaroslawski translated James Low’s book “Sweet Simplicity” into German 2023 as Einfach so… Einfach so … von James Low  

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Aspiring for the Truth of Mahamudra. Prayer by Rangjung Dorje, the 3rd Karmapa

James Low gave a weekend of Zoom teachings on this prayer on 3-4 Dec 2022. For the teaching the prayer was translated into Portuguese and Polish since his book Sweet Simplicity has not been translated into these languages. This prayer is Section 3 of the book Sweet Simplicity. Robert Jaroslawski has translated Sweet Simplicity into German as Einfach so… (Khampa Verlag Freiburg und Eckernförd, […]

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Emptiness, equanimity and kindness. Zoom, April 2020

Talk by James Low, “Emptiness, Equanimity and Kindness” April 2020. When many people are suffering our hearts go out to them and we wish them well. This quality of kindness is vital to extend our connectivity beyond the people of our personal concern. However from the buddhist point of view the power of kindness is greatly increased by merging it with the wisdom of emptiness.

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