Discover the presence: the mother of all buddhas. Portugal, 2020

James Low. 16-19 Jan 2020. Alentejo, Portugal. Teaching and meditation retreat focussing on a Tibetan text by Gonpo Wangyal, called “Discover the presence: the mother of all buddhas”. Gonpo Wangyal text in various languages. English and Brazilian Portuguese Translator: Milton Petruczock Organiser: João Vale Neto. Recordings: Pedro Gomes Download the audio files here Alentejo Videos on Vimeo

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Illusion, delusion, confusion. Vienna, Jan 2020

James Low Weekend retreat,10-12 Jan 2020. Qigong Kleinowitz Center, Vienna. Illusion, delusion, confusion We have so many experiences in life. This is possible because our mind is intrinsically open and hospitable to each new moment. Yet this openness is hidden for us by our own involved busyness. Engaged in the never-ending task of self-delusion we impede the unimpeded and obscure […]

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Relaxation and the self-liberation of phenomena. Retreat Gutenstein 2019

James Low Gutenstein 6-8 Sept 2019 Teaching retreat: Relaxation and the self-liberation of phenomena The instability of our ego-self binds us to the ongoing activity of self-maintenance. Driven by hopes and fears we anxiously mobilise our energy to the task of getting more of what we want and less of what we don’t want. From the Buddhist point of view […]

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The Heart of Dzogchen. Eifel, Oct 2012

“What does it mean for me to be me? What is our real identity? Is our identity just what we take it to be – the narratives that we say about ourself – or is identity perhaps something different?

From the point of view of dzogchen, there are many ways to see the constructed way in which we create fantasies of identity about who we are. We may occupy them for some time, but then it becomes impossible to occupy them any more because the present becomes the past.

The present is always becoming the past, so what shall we rely on? This is the central question in dzogchen because if we rely on something unreliable we feel betrayed and we do not feel supported.”

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