Easy does it. Todtmoos, 2009 and 2010

These are teachings given in Freiburg and Todtmoos during  12-14 June 2009 and 11-12 June 2010. James explains and comments on Patrul Rinpoche Brief and an Extended Commentaries on Garab Dorje’s “Three Essential Points”, translated later as “Three Statements that Hit the Key Points” and often by others as “Hitting the essence in three words”. This text was prepared by […]

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Trusting yourself • Eifel Retreat, April 2009 • Part 1

The first evening of the Eifel retreat at the Kamalashila Institute The teaching of Saturday and Sunday 4-5 April is posted separately here. Download the Pdf Transcribed by Tobias Roeder Edited by Barbara Terris Contents Trusting yourself Different traditions, different emphasis From the dzogchen point of view Openness: allowing ourselves to be part of the world Energy: trusting that our […]

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Focusing and distraction [02]. Macclesfield, 2004

Macclesfield, 17th and 18th July 2004 Talk by James Low Transcribed by Gordon Ellis Edited by Wendy Chozom and James Low Read or Download the English Transcript Read or Download the German Transcript Sammlung und Ablenkung / Zerstreuung Listen to to the audio recording Excerpts: It is important to stay relaxed and open with any experience. It’s as if you were […]

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