Dzogchen and psychotherapy, Barcelona

The space between and the space of the heart El espacio entre el terepeuta y el paciente y el espacio del corazón Space is a central aspect of Dzogchen Buddhist practice and, in a different way, it is also important in psychotherapy. The space between people can be experienced as linking or dividing. The space of the heart can feel […]

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Den Weg nach Hause finden: Eine Einführung in Dzogchen. Spanien 2010

James Low Amorebieta, Spain.  18-20 Juni, 2010 Transkribiert von Deniz Csernoklavek Herausgegeben von James Low und Barbara Terris Übersetzt von Lea Pabst Pdf von Transkript für Sie zu lesen oder herunterladen Auszüge Wenn man mit dem Boot draußen ist und der Wind ein bisschen weht, kann man sehen, wie sich die Wellen bewegen. Dann kommt eine Möwe daher und landet auf […]

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Commentary on the text “The Mirror of clear meaning”. Aracena, 2016

28 April – 2 May 2016 Aracena (near Seville), Spain James Low Commentary on the text “The Mirror of clear meaning“, a dzogchen terma text of Nuden Dorje. The text can be read in James Low’s book “Being right here“, translated into Spanish by Marta Pérez-Yarza as  “Aquí y Ahora“. Spanish translation by Juan Bautista Audio edited by Eduardo Polonio The […]

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The Mirror of luminous revelation. Aracena, 2016

This text comes from Nuden Dorje, the first incarnation of my own teacher, C R Lama. We believe that Nuden Dorje was himself an incarnation of one of the close disciples of Padmasambhava, and that Padmasambhava came directly from the pure heart of Amitabha.
Buddhist texts often include a history of how the text arose, from whom, where and when. To say that a text came directly from Padmasambhava or from the mind of another great teacher, what does this mean? Why should we trust it? Who should we trust? You come here and I am telling you a lot of things. Why should you trust me? If you trust there is a chance you will be cheated, but if you don’t trust it’s difficult to proceed.

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El espejo de significado claro. Seville

El espejo de significado claro: un tesoro espiritual dsogchen de Nuden Dorje Teaching and practice retreat. For more information or to book click here and here. 655 95 24 11 (Charo) 653 66 94 11 (Eduardo)

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