Finding your self where you are. Amorebieta, 2011

James Low 1st July 2011 Amorebieta, Spain Download a PDF of the transcript.   The transcription was prepared by Sylvester Lohninger from a video produced by Maria Vidarte with Spanish subtitles. “A function of meditation is simply to give us more time to experience the movement of experience and the stillness of the one who is present. Our own root nature, our basic capacity of […]

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Buddhism and psychotherapy. San Sebastian, 2001

23 June 2001, San Sebastian, Spain An exploration of how dzogchen relates to buddhism and psychotherapy. Organised by Alvaro Urquijo English and Spanish Translator: Margit Glassel ( aka Maghi) These recordings have been created from the original tape recordings. I have improved  the quality and hope you enjoy them. Beginnings and endings are not smooth, and some material is missing, but the content is […]

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