Depth and light. Berlin 2016

James Low Teaching retreat: 29th Sept – 3rd Oct 2016 Depth and light:  awaken to the infinite radiance of the empty mind. James teaches with reference to Chapter 5 of Simply Being, ‘The Expansive Oral Instructions of the Precious Dharma Master, Chetsangpa Ratna Sri Buddhi’. Download the transcript. Watch the video with German translation

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Heart Sutra. Cologne, 1994

James Low. 12-13 March 1994 Download PDF “The instigation for the sutra comes from the Buddha who, in his meditation goes to Sariputra, prompting him to ask a question of Chenrezig. Chenrezig in turn is in his meditation as he replies to the questions. In this way the Buddha stimulates Sariputra to ask a question of Chenrezig, so the teaching […]

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Death and Dying, Eifel 2013

Life and death – all the modalities of existence are embedded within the great open space of our awareness which is ungraspable and ever-present. If you try to grasp it you’ll never find anything. If you open to it and relax into it, it’s always there. This is the liberation from the duality of life and death.

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