Preface to “Being Right Here”. 2020

Moved by the selfish greed and ignorance that is destroying Brazilian nature and forests James wrote a new preface for “Being Right Here”. Moved by this and seeing the same in Turkey, Mustafa translated it into Turkish. The Translation of the book “Being Right Here’ into Portuguese is being led by João Vale Neto.

Download the original English

Download the Hungarian translation

Download the Portuguese translation

Download the Turkish translation

Ideas flutter through the mind like butterflies in a forest glade — intriguing, unpredictable and difficult to catch. And yet we do try to catch them, chasing our hopes, following after memories, day after day, year after year. Life goes by as we react to events arising from the conflicted interplay of factors, economic, political, racial and so on. In the turbulence of the social world it is difficult to find peace as agitation arises in those around us and this sets us whirling in reactivity. 
Nature, which once offered a degree of solace, is undermined by climate change and the greed and stupidity that leads to forest fires and wasteful clearance of the magnificent Brazilian jungle which offers hospitality to so many species. But the mad cry of “Me First!” rings out establishing self-interest as the key concern of our times.



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