View, meditation, activity and result. 2017

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View, meditation, activity and result

The open ground of all appearance and experience is empty of self-substance. Although empty of anything graspable by concepts, it shows its potential as all that is revealed to our awareness, our instant presence.
The primordial purity of the inseparability of space and awareness is the true freedom we seek. It is freely available if the patterns of obscuration, identification, judgement, assertion and so on are seen to be merely sinking rafts on a stormy sea. Paradoxically, relaxing our reliance on these rafts calms the sea and all becomes clear as it always has been.


Relax and release intention. Many diverse experiences arise. They will go free by themselves if we do not involve ourselves.
We involve ourselves in three main ways. Firstly, by reification, taking self and other to be truly separate and real in themselves. Then, following either desire or aversion, we either seek more of what we like, or less of what we don’t like. This dynamic selectivity, the unfolding of duality, is a delusion manifesting due to our belief in the real and the energy of our commitment to it.
Since all that we experience, including ourselves, is merely captivating illusion, the path to freedom is simply to relax belief, arousal and involvement.


At rest in unchanging openness there is clearly no other source for anything which occurs. Being present with the revelation of the radiance of the source is the activity as this radiance is the clarity of the non-duality of the compassionate play of illusory subject and object.


The result arising from view, meditation and activity is the peace and contentment of being free of seeking experience as if one had a lack or a need. This is called the dharmakaya. From this openness, illusory manifestations of sambhogakaya and nirmanakaya arise to facilitate dreaming beings awakening to the source they have never left.

James Low, November 2017

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