The Radiance of emptiness. Public Talk. Cologne, 2018.

The Radiance of emptiness: the mystery of nonduality, or, how everything comes out of nothing and there is always more than nothing available.

The public talk James gave in Cologne in April 2018,

James Low

Public Talk, Cologne, 18 April 2018

Transcribed by Paula Aranibar

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“I am empty of the me-ness of me. I don’t have an inherent existence. My life is not a possession that I have. My life is the modality of my participation in the river of life”.

“All you have to do is receive. Everything is given to you free”.

“The problem is not the thought. The problem is the grasping, the glue, the dualistic identification which both binds me into the thought and separates me from everything else”.

“Am I the only sane person left on earth?” 

“….our fantasies of power and knowledge are an illusion. We are not the boss; neither are we the slave, we are having to collaborate and it is a bumpy ride”

“You are a ‘how’ and not a ‘what’.”

“Emptiness, because is pointing to the absence of inherent self-nature … is actually the beginning of freedom”.

“When I stop grasping I get my hands back”.

“There is nobody there. What there is, is the unfolding of the display of the energy of the open ground potential. Something amazing and wonderful”.


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