Meditation in daily life. Tenerife, 22-24 March 2015

James Low

Teaching retreat: Integrating meditation with all the activities we engage in.
Meditation promotes calm clarity which allows us to see and appreciate the richness of the world we inhabit. We explore the dzogchen buddhist view of life and practise meditation together.
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…Maybe you meet someone and you fall in love. You think they are very nice; your friends, however, are not so sure. You tell them: ‘You just don’t understand. You don’t know this person the way I do.’ But then after some months you think: ‘Whatever did I see in this person?’ In fact we never did see the person. We used them as a hook onto which we could hang all our fantasies and longings and loneliness and so on.
This is the power of the imagination: we get caught by an idea. We are taken in by it and when we are inside that bubble we experience one quality of existence. Each bubble that we get into has its own logic and everything makes sense inside that bubble and then — Pop! — it is gone. We are surprised. We did not go from reality to fantasy. We did not go anywhere else. We were here in our body and yet at the same time we were lost. We were both here and not here…

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