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Devon UK Group: A website and activities initiated by Wendy Chozom

Germany and International

Jaya Hartlein is based in Berlin, Germany, but teaches abroad as well.

Dzogchen in simple language – teachings by James Low Facebook site managed by Aleksandra Lewtak.

Earth Healing Group

Various people concerned about climate change and the environment came together during the October 2019 retreat in Germany, in the Eifel. Ideas and projects are bubbling up, one amongst them formed as Earth Healing Group. The group engages in preparing, empowering and planting earth healing vases filled with mantras and other precious materials. Other earth healing practises – earth mandalas, mani stone carving etc. – are adding to that. If you would like to know more and be part of this, wherever you are in our fragile planet, please email to find out more.





Marlis Scholz has taken photos which we have used as the banner. In London she runs art workshops in nature for children and adults using found materials to provide a space for participants’ creativity to flourish. To find out more you can contact Marlis at marlisscholz108 [at] gmail [dot] com.

Other banner photos are by various people including Chimed Jansen and Krishna Beutel.