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Youtube subtitles.

Some of us find the subtitles handy to use. Catalan? The text is autogenerated.  Click on the little box to the right of the wheel.

Earth Healing Group

Here is a picture of the latest pot to be buried. They are spread so far from Mozambique to Germany to Brazil… If you would […]


Milton Petruczok has set up an Instagram account. Click on a picture to read the text.  Any translation from English is automatically done so may […]

Zoom programme in 2021

Various Zoom events have now been arranged with James and his translators up to the end of May 2021. Please look at Events to see […]

New Kindle

Andreas (of Khordong Publishing) has now prepared Radiant Aspiration as a Kindle book and you can buy it at all the European Amazons plus

Short clips

Pedro has been taking extracts from existing videos of James’ teachings and collects them at James’ Youtube Channel & Vimeo. You can watch  them here.

Chatting together

It was suggested we remind you that the Zoom sessions open 15 minutes before James starts teaching so if you want to, you can chat […]

2020 Video Recordings

Most of James’ teachings last year were done on Zoom. They are available for you on 3 forums (fora?).  On Youtube, on Vimeo and on […]