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Znajdujac Wolność

Bartłomiej Czajkowski has completed his Polish translation of Finding Freedom Znajdujac Wolność: Teksty z buddyjskich tradycji Therawady, Mahajany i Dzogczen. You can buy it at […]

Kindle Books

Alicja has recently been preparing Kindle editions for James’ books and now you can get Being Guru Rinpoche, Collected Works of C R Lama, Sparks […]

Hungarian texts

6. metszet: CSAK EZ Facet 6 (Just this) of James Low’s book This Is It has been translated into Hungarian by Németh Tamás. 2021. június […]

Listen to the Dhammapada

The first section of James’ book Finding Freedom, includes his translation of the Dhammapada, and commentary. Wendy has been inspired to read and record this and make it available for […]

New Italian translations

There are five new translations into Italian by Ilaria Corti and Francesca Fazzio. They are included amongst the New Texts here and amongst the Italian […]

Let the mind play. Zoom, Jan 2021

New Transcript. The ego builds compounds. In our meditation we release ego’s logjams. Looking at the nature of appearance lets us stay open and fresh in the midst of life’s ever-changing appearances. Uploaded 22 05 2021

Padmasambhava image

This inspiring new image of Padmasambhava, Guru Rinpoche, has been newly created by Agnes Radziejewska. This is a welcome addition to the growing number of […]

Estando bem aqui.

“Being right here” was James’ first published book. It has now been translated into Portuguese ‘with a Brazilian flavour’ and is published by Meditando Junto, […]

Earth Healing Group

Here is a picture of the latest pot to be buried. They are spread so far from Mozambique to Germany to Brazil… If you would […]


Milton Petruczok has set up an Instagram account. Click on a picture to read the text.  Any translation from English is automatically done so may […]

New Kindle

Andreas (of Khordong Publishing) has now prepared Radiant Aspiration as a Kindle book and you can buy it at all the European Amazons plus

Short clips

Pedro has been taking extracts from existing videos of James’ teachings and collects them at James’ Youtube Channel & Vimeo. You can watch  them here.

Chatting together

It was suggested we remind you that the Zoom sessions open 15 minutes before James starts teaching so if you want to, you can chat […]

Your feedback

It is encouraging to hear back from you when you have found specific  material on the website helpful or interesting.  Recently James has posted quite […]

Loving the Lotus Born

New Translation: Anna Bihler has translated into German James’ translation of the Short Rigdzin, doing her best to follow the “poem-like structure” of the original. Uploaded 28 June 2021

2020 Video Recordings

Most of James’ teachings last year were done on Zoom. They are available for you on 3 forums (fora?).  On Youtube, on Vimeo and on […]

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