Studying Together

Discussion and Study Groups

These started up as a response to COVID restrictions and people continue to gather through Zoom to study, discuss and practise based on James’ teachings and books. If you’re interested in creating a group, we have a Zoom account for that purpose and can also help telling people about the meetings. These are the ongoing groups. If you would like to join any of the groups, or know more, or even set up a new group then send an E-Mail to Milton Petruczok. In the Subject field enter the name of the group you are interested in joining: “English / Portuguese / Spanish or German group”.

German language group on Zoom

Every two weeks on Tuesday evenings, 19.30 – 21.00 CET, Jayachitta invites German speakers to read and reflect together on short texts by James – mostly from Sparks, sometimes extracts from other lectures. We generally start with taking refuge and a short meditation, ending the session with a dedication. Sometimes the conversation and reflection continues via the Slack Forum. If you’d like to join them you can write to her at jayachitta [at] web [dot] de

Robert Jaroslawski also invites German speakers to an ongoing discussion and study group currently focussed on Sweet Simplicity. The group also discusses other dharma issues brought up by participants.  Please contact Robert at dr [dot] jaroslawski [at] t-online [dot] de for more information.

Portuguese language group on Zoom
Please keep in touch with João Vale Neto to find out what is beings studied and practised and when. The Portuguese and Brazilians  have just finished studying the 2016 talk “The Wonder of Being” and now (March 2023)  they are now:
  • Studying the Lama Chetsangpa chapters in Simply Being in a WhatsApp group, daily. No specific hour.
  • Doing Vajrasattva practice daily at 6-7am and 5-6pm Brazil time / 10-11am and 9-10pm Portugal (daylight saving) time
  • Meeting to do Rigdzin Sadhana on special occasions.
  • Planning to start studying “The healing power of emptiness” on Sundays

If you’d like to join in and know more please send an e-mail to João at joaovalesanga [at] gmail [dot] com (Portugal) or Mário César Lins Filho (Brazil) at linsfilho [dot] mc [at] gmail [dot] com

“João pediu para comunicá-la que estarei oferecendo todas segundas-feiras às 11h (Brazil time)  a prática “Repelindo todos os Problemas – Sutra do Coração – Prajnaparamita com dedicação de méritos a longa vida de James Low e para benefício de todos os seres.” Maria Eugênia Bouguson. mariaeugeniabouguson [at] gmail [dot] com.

Spanish language group
Juan Bautista gathers with Spanish speakers on a biweekly basis on Mondays, from 20h to 21h30 Spanish Peninsula Time, to comment on various texts suggested by James. There is also a Whatsapp group, for those who’d like to keep in touch with Spanish speakers interested in James’ teachings. Please get in touch with Juan at jbautista [dot] gl [at] gmail [dot] com if you would like to know more or to take part.

English language group

Wendy facilitates on-line groups.

  • On Thursday at 5.45 pm for an hour. This group explores various aspects of dharma through James’s teachings in the Macclesfield Talks and other works.
  • On Tuesdays at 6.30 pm there is an opportunity to practice together.
    The weeks alternate.
  • Week 1 for half an hour until 07.00 pm.
    We practise dzogchen and other supportive meditations.
  • Week 2 until approximately 07.30 pm.
    We do the Padmasambhava meditation and recitation practice.

Contact Wendy to find out more.


Waking Up: Everything as it is.

A subscription app featuring teachings from James Low. It has a scholarship program.

In Everything As It Is, James Low makes the esoteric teachings of Dzogchen—a non-dual contemplative tradition from Tibet—profoundly accessible. Low speaks with striking clarity and originality, combining a precise use of language, accessible examples from everyday life, and lighthearted humor.  He points us toward letting go of our desire for control and, instead, resting in the openness of awareness itself, so that we may “move more gently and with more connection in the world with others.

Videos on Youtube (and Vimeo) No new videos are being added on to Vimeo from December 2022 onwards. New videos continue to be added on Youtube.