Links to activities and initiatives

Earth Healing Group

Various people concerned about climate change and the environment came together during the October 2019 retreat in Germany, in the Eifel. Ideas and projects are continually bubbling up, one amongst them formed as Earth Healing Group.

The group engages in preparing, empowering and planting earth healing vases filled with mantras and other precious materials. Other earth healing practices – clay tsatsas, mani stone carving etc. – are also happening. Check images displayed on Instagram. @wei7sicht (LINK:

If you would like to know more and be part of this Earth Vase Group , wherever you are in our fragile planet, then Anna and James have prepared information for you to read here.
Please make contact in the first instance with Anna at Simplybeing [dot] earthhealing [at] gmail [dot] com.

[Inter]national Contacts

England A website by Wendy Chozom which includes readings of works by C.R.Lama and James Low.

Facebooks International

Dzogchen in simple language – teachings by James Low Facebook site managed by Aleksandra Lewtak.

Share quotes of James Low & inspirations from his teachings Facebook site which also gives notices and reminders of practices. Administered by Joao Vale and Aleksandra Lewtak.

Facebook in Hungarian  Facebook site managed by Tamás Németh.


Jaya Hartlein is based in Berlin, Germany, and also teaches abroad.


Facebook in Hungarian  Facebook site managed by Tamás Németh.


Drophan Ling Centre set up by the Buddhist Association Khordong, Darnków

A Facebook presence, Natura Umysłu, at FB #Naturaumyslu and at natureofmind [at] disciples [dot] com.


Sadece Olmak – James Low Dzogchen ve Tibet Budizmi at managed by Mustafa mert Çelebi.

Tsa Tsa in Istanbul. Look here to find out about Mustafa mert Çelebi’s project to place tsa tsa moulds in the various districts of Istanbul.


Smartphone App

Waking Up: Everything as it is.

A subscription app featuring teachings from James Low.
It has a scholarship program.

“James Low makes the esoteric teachings of Dzogchen—a non-dual contemplative tradition from Tibet—profoundly accessible. Low speaks with striking clarity and originality, combining a precise use of language, accessible examples from everyday life, and lighthearted humor.  He points us toward letting go of our desire for control and, instead, resting in the openness of awareness itself, so that we may “move more gently in the world and with more connection with others.”

Videos on Youtube (and Vimeo) No new videos are being added on to Vimeo from December 2022 onwards. New videos continue to be added on Youtube.