New Texts

Even if the date of a talk or piece of writing is many years ago each item listed below does include something new. It may be a new transcript, a new poem, a new piece of writing, and often it is a translation from an existing text into a new language…

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  • James Low interviewed by Ludovic Fontaine. Dec 2022
    James Low was interviewed by Ludovic Fontaine about his background in the dharma.
    1st Dec 2022 Read the Interview here. This text will be published in French by Almora Editions along with Ludovic's interviews with other Buddhist teachers.
    The first question is:   You have been practising Dzogchen for fifty-five years and teaching it for forty-five years, and you have published many books on the subject and have translated and commented on many texts of this tradition. Can you tell us about your background and what led you to practise and teach Dzogchen and Buddhism
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  • Video. World Education Conference. March 2024
    James was asked to mbe one of the speakers at this conference. It may be especially interesting for people working in the field of education since "it highlights the need for play and relaxation to generate the open receptivity and responsivity which is the basis of life-affirming learning". [embed][/embed]  
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  • Welcome to our lineage! Article, Nov 2023
    New Text: Welcome to our lineage! "Now that evermore people are making use of the website I offer some words of welcome and a brief introduction to how we are." In English, French, German, Portuguese and Turkish. Uploaded 30 01 2024
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  • Praying for Peace
    New Translation: The latest translation of James' Prayer for Peace is in Italian, Preghiera per la Pace, translated by Francesca. Uploaded 05 05 2024. It is now translated by SBSangha into Dutch, German, Hindi, Hungarian, Italian, Polish, Portuguese Russian, Spanish and Turkish.
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